Sometimes you just have to write garbage

Hello all, do you ever find yourself sat in front of a blank sheet of paper or stark white word processing clean slate and wonder…..what now? It is very common to be thrown for a loop or even terified by the thought of producing something when you don’t know what you are doing.

Never fear though, today your uncle Elliot has got you covered with some solid tips to beat this!

First of all I will ask if you are writing a novel? If yes, have you already begun? If yes then this is nice an simple. To never again face the fear and uncertainity of a blank page when you sit down to begin writing for the day do as follows:

Always leave yourself a jumping off point. That is to say don’t finish writing at the end of a chapter or scene, write to half way through or if you do finish a chapter or scene write the first few sentences of the next one. If you really don’t have time for this then at least write a sentence remding yourself what is happening next. It makes things much easier if you can jump back in when you already know what is happening.

Now to the title of this post and indeed anyone who is starting an entirely new project or the above just isn’t enough on any particular day, what for it…..go and write some rubbish gumpf down. Have you done it? No….well I was serious go and write it down, just anything, utter tripe if you wish…done? Good well then we can continue.

Did you see what happened when you did that? You wrote, you created and though most if not all of it was useless crap you still created. You can always edit anything rubbish but you cannot edit a blank page. Writers block is just fear of creating something not worthy of being read, if you take away that fear  by giving yourself permission to write something rubbish and unreadable and unintertsting or even nonsensicle, then suddenly the block is gone.

Some days I Just cannot get started and the only way forward is to write rubbish, one day during NanoWriMo I sat for nearly thirty minutes without writing a single word. Then I allowed myself to write down the thought process I was having, it looked something like this:

“I don’t know what to write, I do….not have a blooming clue! What if spaceships came down and took the characters prisoner? What if the main character discovered he was actually just a ghost…..or his cat? Am I writing this as just an excuse to increase my word count? Probably yes, but then some of these ideas may not be that bad….yes believe your own shit….good”

You see by writing down what was going on in my head I was already writing and it just made it easier to keep going, after a few minutes I was ready to write the actual story again and it didn’t feel half as scary.

Sometime you just have to write crap, and the good stuff will be revealed.

Until next time.


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