On not wanting to write

I get it alright, not everyday do you fancy writing. Why did you even decide you wanted to be a writer anyway? Watching TV is way easier, maybe one of those great 80’s movies is on, can’t I just watch that?

If you are writing, you are not the only one who has days where you just.dont.want.to.write. Truth be told today is one of those days for me, it is 17:05 and this is the first thing I have written all day…apart from text messages and emails that is. Once I finish this post I am going to get on with my novel because I am so painfully close to finishing the first draft I can feel it.

I really do not want to write, it seems just so hard and not fun today. Truth be told though, when I actually start writing I always enjoy it and I bet the same is true for you. Sometimes you just have to write, just write anything at all even if it is jibberish or a fake letter to you as a child or anything else you want to write, just write anything. For me today, it is this blog post but for you it might be anything, it might even be a diary entry.

I have a more detailed post regarding writing just about anything to get out of the headspace of not wanting to write but today it was all I could do but to write down my struggle.

Not everyday as a writer is glamorous, it isn’t all coffee shops and wine bars. Sometimes it is sitting alone in a cold house in the middle of winter with nothing but a flashing cursor as company. If today is one of those days then take solice in the fact that I too am right there with you. Make yourself a cup of tea, put on a cardigan and slippers and get to work, for tomorrow is another day and who knows, it might just be the day you do your best writing yet.

I shall leave you with this. Just like the exercise and cold bath should never be seperated, neither then should the writer and his or her favourite mug.

Ja Ne.


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