Onwards to the superbowl…..hopefully

So this is most definitely not writing related so for any of my regular readers, I will understand if you do not continue reading.

Today I am a very busy boy so this is really the only chance I will get to sit by the keyboard and I thought I should say hello to you all, I hope you appreciate this you lucky so and so’s.

I have never really been much of a sports person if I am honest, I never got into Manchester united or Rugby or anything else. The past few years however I have been watching the superbowl and this year I actually followed the entire NFL season. After initialy backing the Patriots and then watching them lose to the SeaHawks a few years ago I decided to stay true to my team and boy, was I happy I did.

I have enjoyed watching a rompingly good season for the Patriots this year, having lost only two games so far. Now through into the ultimate playoffs….which probably has a more official name than that, it might be superbowl glory after all.

I hope other patriot fans out there caught the game last night and enjoyed it as much as I did. Anyway this is really just a quick post to say hello and I hope you all have a lovely Sunday.

I shall leave you with this thought, sometimes a book project can be like a football team. You think it is a winner and then it gets torn apart, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end. Maybe regroup, change players and rewrite and you never know, a year or two later you might be at the superbowl too (The publishing auction of course to follow this weak metaphor through).


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