End of the book burnout?

At this point in my life as a writer I have completed one full book and am close to finishing two other manuscripts. Spoiler alert: I don’t advocate working on two books at once, but let’s save that for another post.

There are certain points which no matter the book, no matter the subject matter or the characters I will always experience the same things. Some are great, like the burning feeling of wanting to write more and more down that comes near the begining of the project. One is far less fun, and much like the marathon runner, we authors will also hit the wall. It may be 20,000 words it may be 120,000 or anything in between but at some point IT WILL HAPPEN.

First and foremost just knowing it will happen can help you combat it, it’s inevitable, it doesn’t mean your story isn’t good it just means…you are near the end. It also means you need to keep going.

Right now I am no more than three chapters from completing the first draft of what is currently, as a working title, called The Venus Incident. When I began I wrote between 1.5 and 5 thousand words a day and it was easy and it was fun. Now I am struggling to write more than 500 as I plow on through the wall. My mind know’s the end is near and that makes it want to stop, if then…why not now? It begs and I ignore it.

A combination of this feeling or nearly being there and a realisation of all the editing that I need to do, all the scenes I need to add in or change, my mind wants to make me stop.

I must confess, I have no real advice on how to get around this because I have experienced it with every book so far and I have to assume I will with everyone yet to come. All I can say is that you are not alone, do not despair, push on and ensure that no matter how bad you think this first draft is, you finish it.

Tomorrow I will crawl closer to that finish line because I am a writer, and what is the first rule of write club? We write (you thought I was going to say don’t talk about write club didn’t you? Admit it, go on.)

I will leave you with this: This will not be over quickly, you will not enjoy this, I am not your king…..but you will complete this book.

Ja ne.


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