How to read more, a beginners guide

One of my recent posts talked about the importance of reading as an author, and although I don’t want to give any spoilers to anyone who is yet to read it, I mentioned that usually a bigger reader is a better writer.

With that in mind I think there is no better time to discuss HOW you can go about reading more quickly, so following are my tips and advice to you.

Please note there are more than likely numerous places online with information on how to actually read faster, i.e. more words per minute, this is not that place.

Option 1: Set a page goal. This is what I do, I aim to read 50 pages of fiction everyday. To some people that may not seem a lot but to someone who used to read a chapter or less a day, it is a huge change. Reading 50 pages a day means I will finish an average 400 page book in 8 days. (Note, some books have different font and some books are, due to language used etc easier or harder to read than others. Please use your own judgement, you may easily read 60 pages a day of a young adult book but 40 may be better for a vast and deep adult sci-fi story.)

Option 2: Time yourself. This is great for dealing with the problem of different font sizes. Set yourself a goal to read for ten minutes a day, thirty minutes a day or maybe even an hour or more. If you make this time every day you will soon see the pages consumed increase and even if it is only a little, you will make constant progress until the book is finished. (Note, this need not all be at once, you could spend 10 minutes in the morning, 10 on your lunch break and 10 when you get home in the evening to total your 30 minute goal.)

Option 3: Read multiple books at once. Sometimes you aren’t tired of reading, you are tired of reading THE SAME THING. If you have two books on the go at once you can read a few pages or a chapter of one, when you feel yourself wanting to stop you can read something else and it may peak your interest again. For me I can only do this with one fiction and one non fiction, but for some people keeping track of two stories isn’t difficult.

Finally remember, reading should be fun and not a chore, if reading for more than a few minutes a day takes the fun out of it for you…well then don’t do it! Don’t let other people dictate to you how much you should read, if little and often works for you do that, if a whole book a day works then do that.

Hopefully you found some of these tips helpful, if they help you finish a book leave a comment and let me know!

I will leave you with this; terror made me cruel, but books made me kind.

Ja Ne.


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