Going to university

It has come to my attention that I have not posted anything to this blog in far longer than I would have liked. I must confess I had the original intention to post here every single day, as you can see however, that did not happen.

I am now setting myself what I feel is a much more realistic goal that will take into account when things get in the way or life is just a bit busy. So, from now on I will be aiming to post once per week, every Wednesday.

The reason I fell out of posting recently has been in part due to traveling up and down the country visiting universities. As anyone who has read my earlier posts will know I am fast approaching my 30’s and as the keen eyed amongst you will have rightly noted, that is not the usual age to go to university. Well when I was younger I had no interest in the education system and no idea as to what additional opportunities getting an education would afford someone in life, to but it plainly, I was a bit silly.

Now that I am older and wiser I thought I would quite like to get a degree and what better subject that Creative Writing. It will give me three years in which I will get to work with published authors, agents, publishers and all sorts of other knowledgeable people who I have no doubt will assist me in bettering my writing. My current aim is to be published before I am 30 and as such that means I must publish my first book the year before I would graduate, this may be layering the work on thick but I think it can be done.

I must apologise that this is really more of a blog just talking about myself and not giving any useful advice, perhaps it is a bit late for that as if you have read this far… you already knew that. I will give you a little bit of advice here just in case you missed it. If you have the opportunity to get more education then do it. You may not think it is cool or fun or anything like that but in the long run being more educated can never be a hindrance.

With that in mind please accept my apology for a rather droll post and please join me next Wednesday where I will offer more clever writing advice.

Ja Ne.


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