I am NOT a militant vegan

Welcome one and all to my new feature chews-day….see what I did there? Because it is Tuesday….never mind.

So I have been wanting to expand the blog to be more of a catch all journal for my thoughts for a while and wanted to find a way to write more posts. Enter chews-day. Every Tuesday that I post will be a food related blog of sorts. It will go alongside Writing Wednesday and then you know…I will have to think of other ones.

So without any more ado let me talk to you about veganism.

First of all I would like to make the pre-qualifying statement that throughout my life, while not disagreeing with veganism, I have generally disliked or hated every single Vegan I have met or known. (Sorry if you are reading this and are one of those people who were subject to my hate). The reason for this hatred is down to the weird militant view and outspoken nature of many vegans. Vegetarians were never quite so hoity and neither are omnivores, but vegans, they were always a testy bunch.

That being said I decided to make a change, and around about two weeks ago I went vegan. So far I haven’t struggled and I for the most part (barring one tragic evening meal) have enjoyed very good food indeed.

I have always been fairly handy in the kitchen, I can bake bread, I can cook basic meals and I have always enjoyed a broad selection of vegetables when compared to many others. So eating vegetables is hardly a new thing for me but alas, having to check if there are any animal related products in everything…is hard work and definitely makes you think a lot more about what you are eating and buying.

So why, you might be asking yourself, have I one vegan when I say I hate them so much? Well most vegans have always really, really annoyed me, but that doesn’t mean I hate animals. The fact of the matter is that I have toyed with the idea a few times in my life because it seems unnecessary to kill all these animals when we don’t have to.

I have always been into my fitness and indeed I got myself qualified as a gym instructor and then a personal trainer around five years ago but never really broke into the market. Not long ago I went back to the Paleo diet, something I have in the past advocated for weight loss. Why? Because in my experience it works wonders, it was the leanest I have ever been and the best I ever felt. That being said I experienced a very different effect this time around. I still lost weight, revealed more of my abs and felt more energetic BUT there was more. Consuming meat for three meals a day made me become very conscious of just how much death was on my hands. I was eating beef, chicken and venison like they were going out of style. For some reason unknown to me, when I tried to eat like that this time around, my mind couldn’t help but think about all the animals being killed.

Thus a new vegan was born, it is indeed very early and I am sure many people fall off the wagon a long time after two weeks but I intend to stick to this.

I know this post has been little more than a rant and may not be to most peoples tastes but I felt the need to write about it. If you have stuck with me to this point I will leave you with one thought.

In this day and age we know enough about nutritional science, vitamins and supplements and agriculture that there is NO NEED to eat meat or animal products. It has been proven that people can be very healthy on a vegan diet. The choice to eat animal products may masquerade as health concerns but really it comes down to this, we eat it because we like it. It is easy to not have to check, it is easy to eat whatever you want, and it is easy to forget that it was ever an animal when it is packaged in a supermarket. If there is no requirement for human health to kill animals for our food…then why are we still doing it? As a species shouldn’t we be a little too morally evolved for that?

Ja Ne.


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