What is the hardest part of writing a novel?

Hello dear reader,

Today I would like to enquire, as I often do, are you a writer? If yes I should imagine there is some particular part of the writing process that you find harder or more tedious than the rest. For me, that part is most definitely editing. More specifically structural editing.

I have been thinking about that lately, why is it I find that particular thing such a blooming nuisance? I believe that it is due to a lack of familiarity and it is only something that will improve with time and effort.

Most people who wish to be authors will say things like ‘writing a book is so hard’ or ‘it is too difficult to write a story THAT long’. When I first started writing novels I was amongst this camp but that quite quickly change. Before I had written anything longer than a few thousand words, the idea of writing something that was several tens of thousands of words seemed insane. It was the most insurmountable challenge that writing had to offer, but was it? I don’t think so anymore.

After I finally wrote a book of 25,000 words, I then wrote a book of 50,000 and then a little while later 72,000. I have now written so many first drafts that I don’t really think WRITING a book (read, writing the initial first draft, not the entire process) really that hard. The simple action of setting out to do it, achieving it and then making a mental note of the steps I took to do it…made it seem simple. Writing a first draft now has a sort of a ‘formula’ that I can follow.

My first Novella was only ever really line edited for the most part. I felt pretty confident the structure was as good as it was going to get. With that in mind, I am now enjoying the joys of trying to fix and perfect the structures of some of my newer manuscripts. Essentially this is the first time I am doing that, and as a result, it is proving to be the hardest writing-thing I have ever done.

So what do you think? Is there REALLY one thing about writing that you struggle with and always will? Or is it just another skill you are yet to improve, or better yet, master?
Until next time.


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