The Dark Tower, thoughts so far

Hello readers, internet people and the poor ones who stumbled upon this post completely accidentally. I welcome you all with equal vigour.

Today I thought I might write a little about my thoughts so far on the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. I have previously written about The Gunslinger which is the first book, now however, I have finished the second and am making headway into the third. It seemed an appropriate time to revisit this wonderful little series. Well it isn’t little is it, it is seven books long and some of them are really rather big books, but I digress.

So, what has changed for me since I last wrote about this? Well the first book and the second book are really very different beasts. I greatly enjoyed the first book, though I didn’t feel it really had much of an ending. That is not a slight against the book really as Mr King did say in many ways it is just one big book. With that in mind, I think it is fine that the book ends like the end of a chapter rather than a book. The first book was about Roland and his adventures in the waste land, it read like a mix between a western movie and a YA adventure book. Right up my alley, lots of guns and gratuitous violence and just a few monsters. Great fun all in all.

The second book is entirely different, it is very character driven. Vast sections of the fairly sizeable book concentrate on the development and ‘Drawing’ of each of three characters. There is still adventure and gun toting, but if nobody told me I would not have thought they were part of the same series. I still enjoyed the second book but it was very different an experience.

The third book so far, seems to be, more of a return to the first in style. Something I am more a fan of personally, I was never one for story driven novels. That being said it is kind of a blend of the two earlier books in many respects and it does intrigue me as to how the future of the series is going to pan out.

All in all I am enjoying the series so far and am very intrigued to see where it goes. I am hoping for some set ups and pay offs starting in book one and ending in book seven but only time will tell if that will happen. I hope it does, seven books is a big undertaking. Previously the longest series I read was Dune but this really does dwarf that collection of books.

Have any of you read the Dark Tower? If so lend me your thoughts (without spoilers) in the comments.

And the tower was closer.

Ja Ne.


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