The book launch is tonight (Yippee!)

Hello ladies and gents, it seems you have joined me on a most auspicious day. Today I shall be attending a book launch with a difference, one of my stories is in the book. Let’s talk about that.

When I was trying to think of something to write about in my blog today it didn’t take very long for this idea to pop into my head. As a writer and would be novelist, being the centre of attention isn’t normally top on my list. Getting to read a part of my story for a crowd and hopefully convince some people to buy a copy of the book. Well that is a different story.

So, how did I get here? About nine months ago a new local writing group appeared and I put my name on the list to go along and see what it was all about. Ever since I have been dropping in to the fortnightly sessions. Partly to improve my writing and partly because it is fun to socialise with like minded people. Through this group I was made aware of the opportunity to write a story in conjunction with an illustrator for inclusion in a new anthology. As you can imagine I jumped at the chance to see my work in print. Not just a magazine either but a real, honest to God, book.

After just less than two months of writing an editing my submissions was in. A few months later again and the book has been printed, I was gifted a copy, along with all of the other contributors and today is the launch. To be held at my local Waterstones tonight…well I cannot deny I am a bit psyched.

Yes this post is really just me rambling on about an achievement but there is a lesson to be had here for anyone looking for one. Never shun an opportunity to have your writing put out there, you never know who is going to see it and what it might bring.

I shall leave it short for today as there isn’t much else to say. Except for to say that I am off to have a large Scotch on the rocks to give me the courage I need to get through the reading.

Ja Ne.


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