Why can’t I write!!?

G’day all. I have been suffering with a deep lack of motivation today. I meant to start working on my edits for Deputy at midday, I actually started at twenty past one. It is now three…and I have written about three paragraphs. It has not been my best day but there you go, you win some and you lose some. I am actually trying to force myself to get good work done at home as traditionally I do all my best writing in a coffee shop. The problem with that is that I am not yet a multi millionaire author and so buying three coffee shop coffees a day dents the old bank balance.

Usually when I am at home I get too easily distracted, which is exactly what has happened so far today BUT hopefully through effort I can change that. The old human mind loves homeostasis in all things and if I usually suck at writing at home, well my mind wants me to keep sucking at writing at home. The real question is who is really in control, me or my mind? Although, I probably AM my mind which makes that a silly question. Regardless, my mind is my tool, I am not its!

Even now, while writing this I just stopped to watch a Youtube video…I would say FML except I am not down with the kids enough to get away with that. So what do you guys do when you can’t actually get on and write? Any suggestions on how to force myself into the right headspace?

Ja Ne.


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