Kafka’s The Trial, is it any good?

Dear esteemed reader, today I finished reading my first ever classic. Let’s talk about that.
I must confess I have been interested in Kafka ever since I first heard of something being Kafkaesque. That wonderful creepy bureaucratic nightmare that his characters find themselves in, well, who wouldn’t want to read about that.

So I picked up The Trial and decided to give it a go, the book is complete at 172 pages so it is hardly a huge undertaking. That being said it did take me some time to read, probably about two weeks which is far more time than it should have. So why did it take me so long? Well do you want the truth? The thing that will probably make me horribly unpopular with a lot of people? I got bored!

The beginning of the book is utterly fantastic, it really is. It starts in just the right place and sets the tone perfectly. For me however, it was really downhill from there. The end is somewhat anti climactic, perhaps intentionally so, but anti climactic none the less. How about the middle? Well nothing really happens. (Spoiler alert) K wanders around seeking help from people who simply take him for a ride while women seemingly throw themselves at him with absolutely no requirement for effort on his part.

In all honesty I love the idea and the overall premise, but if you ask me, it probably could have been seventy two pages rather than one hundred and seventy two.

Now, I have not read Kafka’s work before now, and I do not yet have a PhD. Based on those assertions it is fairly safe to say I am really not qualified to say whether this is a work of genius or just a mildly boring book. I know what I think at the moment mind you, maybe I’ll read it again when I am a little better educated.

In closing, I would say the book is worth reading, despite what I have said. It is a short book and it has some cracking parts hidden amongst the surrounding dross. Give it a try and please tell me in the comments what I am missing.

Ja Ne.


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